Soup is on!

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal is today! Luckily, I was able to finish in time. (I’m in the midst of moving.)

First a recap…here is what my partner Nicole sent me~

Bead Soup 2014 for me

I was able to finish 2 pieces in time. I have a couple more in the works.

First I used the magnetic clasp for a bracelet I’ve been wanting to make with some very out of character (for me) fluorescent pink beads. I plan on giving it to my neighbor’s daughter who is always expressing interest in my jewelry. She’ll love it!

The pink is so bright your eyes read it as being a fuzzy texture when they are in fact smooth!

The pink is so bright your eyes read it as being a fuzzy texture when they are in fact smooth!

Next I used the ceramic button focal for a necklace. The design on this one came together rather fast. I wanted to try something a bit asymmetrical. I really dug into my stash and found some things that I have had since -no joke- high school ~I graduated in ’91. I sliced and diced some pink and bronze chain, put in a dash of blue heishi beads, sprinkled in a couple of wooden beads and a faceted pearl, and finished with some red brass metal work – clasp and wire wrapping.





Turning the button into a focal was a bit challenging because I didn’t want to take away from the design on the button. I think the double wrap did the trick.



Hopefully I’ll be up and running in my new house by next month. Which means this will probably be my last post until June. We’ve done a ton of remodeling so I plan on posting some before and afters along with pics of my new studio set up.

Until then please visit my partner, Nicole, at Beading for Healing, along with the other BSBP sites and finally stop on over at our lovely hostess’ site to thank her for all of the hard work she’s put in to make this happen. Thank you, Lori!

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week 14: morning moments



  • get up
  • wake up the munchkin
  • take a shower
  • make sure the munchkin has eaten
  • tell him to get dressed
  • make my coffee
  • start making his lunch
  • why isn’t he dressed yet?
  • finish his lunch
  • what is he doing now?
  • “Brush your teeth!”
  • “You’ve been making faces in the mirror for 10 minutes?!?!!?”
  • decide I should really get this post done…take picture of only calm moment in morning
  • time to get out the door
  • “Really? You don’t have your shoes on yet?”
  • finally on the bus

bead soup 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party ~ The brain child of Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. A bunch of creative types (with a blog) sign-up, get paired-up and send each other a bead soup.

Bead Soup ~ Has to include one focal and one clasp along with some coordinating beads.  (You can send more if you want but this is the bare minimum.) The soup should be something you would send your best friend ~ in other words ~ no cast-offs.

What happens next ~ You create something with what you were sent, and it doesn’t have to be jewelry. Rules state you have to use the focal and clasp but you don’t have to use them in the same piece.

Finally ~ The reveal date: May 3rd, 2014. You post a blog with a picture of your creation, and go blog-hopping to see what everyone else has created.

Why? ~ Because it’s FUN!!! to stretch your creativity and challenge yourself in new and creative ways. You get to meet new people and it’s also good advertising. 😉

For more detailed information please visit Lori’s BSBP info page.

My partner ~ Nicole DeMore from Beading for Healing. She is currently living on the west coast in Oregon, (One of my favorite states!!!) She mainly works with seed beads so the soup I sent her might be a bit of a challenge. Go on over and check out her blog! She’s posted some great tutorials!

Now for the wonderful soupy goodness that Nicole sent me. I love all of the sea glass, and beads, it will be fun to make something out of these! ~

Bead Soup 2014 for me

And here is what I sent her. The luna moth pendant is one of two that I made and that’s the only reason I was able to part with it. ~

Bead Soup 2014 for Nicole



week 11 : beauty all around


There is something incredibly beautiful about last years dried out hydrangeas.

This week’s prompt was difficult for me. It wasn’t because I don’t see beauty in whats around me…I see it everywhere. Its just that this blasted weather has been making me grumpy to say the least. I wish mother nature would make up her mind. On to better things…

I’ll be posting my bead soup pics later on today, please come back and check it out. I will also have a brief description for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.


week 10 : the big picture

Botanical Garden BridgeThere was finally a break in the weather so we decided to pack up, embrace the sun, and have a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. We happened upon this lovely bridge on our stroll through the park. I love the many colored stones that its comprised of.

It’s hard to believe that school was closed the next day due to a winter storm.