chaos ensues

Can I tell you how much I dislike moving? I’m a huge procrastinator and those bad habits have bit me in the rear again. In fact I’m procrastinating right now…instead of actually getting at least one of the millions of things checked off my list of things to do, I’m writing on my blog! I have till Thursday to get things organized for the movers that come on Friday. My house is completely turned upside down. Caleb returned home from Afghanistan last week, YEAH!!! So we are getting reacquainted and moving all at the same time. We are also in the process of finding someone to ship one of our vehicles across country. I really hope the stress of dealing with these brokers is worth it.

To add to this chaos I’ve signed up for a class! Yes, you heard me right. I’m going to be taking Deryn Mentock’s on-line course “The Art of Closure.” The class start’s on April 1st. The same day we arrive in Virginia Beach. The same day we are supposed to start hunting for a house to rent. (We’ll be staying in a vacation rental for the month.) My brilliant thinking is that I’ll need something to do that’s creative during this time as a sort of escape from reality. I hope I can make it work because the class looks like a lot of fun!

Ok, that’s enough procrastinating… šŸ˜‰

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