something new

The month of November has become a month for me to make changes in my life. Forget waiting until January…there’s no time like the present!

*I’ve hired a personal trainer to help me get back into shape and get me through the holiday season of comfort food and indoor inactivity.

*I seem to be having a hard time committing to keeping this blog updated. As a way to improve the situation I’ve decided to participate in a blog hop. (Details to follow.) This is way out of my comfort zone ~ I’m a bit nervous…even as I write this I want to delete this post and quit to a different room.

Alchemy96px Oh, and I’m in the process of completing another class by the wonderful and extremely talented Deryn Mentock.

The Alchemy of Objects


Purple Irises

Design Challenge 1: Symmetrical Balance

I started with one of my pics of my favorite flowers and pulled from that a color palette.


As an added challenge I wanted to use items that I already have ~ no trips to the bead store or anywhere else.  Using the color palette as inspiration I pulled items in that color range. I also decided to use something new ~ steel wire! I love the color and the fact that it will bring down the final cost if I decide to sell this piece.

In the final design I used one of my own flameworked focals and spacer beads, gray faceted pearls, amethyst beads, copper chain and steal wire. For more pics check out my Flickr photostream.

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