Focus on Life ~ Week 8


Monochromatic photos tell a story, evoke emotion and uncovers the soul with the simple contrast of one color.  Monochromatic photos enable the viewer to see a deeper meaning behind what may be concealed by multiple colors.

This was our prompt this week for the Focus on Life challenge. This is also my first week joining in. I may go back and do the first 7 weeks…but have decided that it will be alright if I don’t. 😉 If you want to learn more about the challenge please visit Sally Russick at The Studio Sublime. Visit me every Saturday for a new photo!

iphone, hipstamatic, lens~tinto 1884, film~d-type plate

there is nothing better than a rainy saturday morning snuggle

My son crawled into bed with me this morning to catch a snuggle before we started the day. I grabbed my phone and snapped a few shots because the overcast and rainy day light filtering in really lent itself to this prompt. He will be growing out of this stage all too soon and I want to remember these mornings. 

8 thoughts on “Focus on Life ~ Week 8

  1. Oh sweetness! I'm a huge believer in snuggles…. to the point that when my daughter goes to bed at night she will ask for more even after ten minutes of hugs and kisses. My heart will break when the day comes that she refuses

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