week 4 : word(s)



Finish what you start.

Change the finish on _____.

This word jumped out at me when thinking of a word for the year. It is a word that partly fills me with fear ~ fear of failure; and dread ~ due to boredom. I have a tendency to leave half finished projects in my wake. This year I’m going to attempt to face my fears and keep things light and fun to finish anything I’ve set out to do.

It is also a word that brings to mind all of the projects that are soon to be coming up. We are closing soon on our first house! Which means that we finally get to pick the finishes on, well, everything. I can’t wait to paint without getting permission first.

Have you ever had a problem with finishing something? Why? Is there something you are excited to finish?

5 thoughts on “week 4 : word(s)

  1. I have a few sewing projects I need to finish, but they’re things I got frustrated with and then lost interest in. I’m excited to finish my sewing room redo. I’m so close to being done!
    This is such and interesting word to choose, and one that really has me thinking! And I LOVE the photo!!

  2. I had just read Sandi’s post, what fun that you both selected Finish. Congrats on the new home. I remember picking all my finishes and on closing day was the final walkthrough – they had swapped the kitchen and master bedroom flooring. Thankfully they were pretty similar in palette so rather than delay I embraced the change. All is well – indeed it was just getting to that finish – moving in – that was most important

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