week 9: macro photo


IMG_4178I have always wanted to do a couple of shots of my son’s incredible eyes. He has the most amazing eyelashes and the color is ever changing. When he gets older I’m sure they are going to make the girls swoon either from love or jealousy – your pick 😉

By the way, have you ever tried to have a 6 year old hold still because you wanted to take a picture of his eyes? To top that off I don’t have a macro lens. All in all I don’t think they turned out half bad.


week 8 : capture colors

IMG_4089This is the color in my life at the moment. I have waaaay too many options when it comes to choosing a paint color. When the possibilities are infinite, what do you choose? It’s been a challenge but an incredibly fun time! I enjoy painting, which surprises me. I never really did in the past. I think its because its my own walls. 😉


I also had to throw in some pictures of the tulips I received last week for Valentine’s Day. They are incredibly beautiful at this moment right before they’ve reached the end of their life-cycle.


week 5 : get outside!



Wow, talk about crazy weather the past 2 weeks. It snowed. It warmed up – and I mean up to 60°. The day after the last of our snowman was melted, we got more snow. Which was when I took this pic. It was a great day for getting outside. My family truly played: built snowman #2, snow angels, snowball fights, and had a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood, after which we enjoyed some hot cocoa and played games. It was a treat to be snowed in – we had nothing to do but focus on each other. Of course, by the time the roads were cleared and school was back up and running – it was great to get some time to myself again.



week 4 : word(s)



Finish what you start.

Change the finish on _____.

This word jumped out at me when thinking of a word for the year. It is a word that partly fills me with fear ~ fear of failure; and dread ~ due to boredom. I have a tendency to leave half finished projects in my wake. This year I’m going to attempt to face my fears and keep things light and fun to finish anything I’ve set out to do.

It is also a word that brings to mind all of the projects that are soon to be coming up. We are closing soon on our first house! Which means that we finally get to pick the finishes on, well, everything. I can’t wait to paint without getting permission first.

Have you ever had a problem with finishing something? Why? Is there something you are excited to finish?

week 3 : black and white photo of you

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

This very accurate picture of me having my morning wake-me-up was taken with my phone. I used the Hipstamatic app (my favorite!!!) – lens: Tinto 1884; film: D-Type Plate

Better late than never…between traveling, the flu, and other life happenings, I’m a bit behind on my posts. At some point I’m going to have to sit down and figure out how to post from my phone/ipad.