Soup is on!

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal is today! Luckily, I was able to finish in time. (I’m in the midst of moving.)

First a recap…here is what my partner Nicole sent me~

Bead Soup 2014 for me

I was able to finish 2 pieces in time. I have a couple more in the works.

First I used the magnetic clasp for a bracelet I’ve been wanting to make with some very out of character (for me) fluorescent pink beads. I plan on giving it to my neighbor’s daughter who is always expressing interest in my jewelry. She’ll love it!

The pink is so bright your eyes read it as being a fuzzy texture when they are in fact smooth!

The pink is so bright your eyes read it as being a fuzzy texture when they are in fact smooth!

Next I used the ceramic button focal for a necklace. The design on this one came together rather fast. I wanted to try something a bit asymmetrical. I really dug into my stash and found some things that I have had since -no joke- high school ~I graduated in ’91. I sliced and diced some pink and bronze chain, put in a dash of blue heishi beads, sprinkled in a couple of wooden beads and a faceted pearl, and finished with some red brass metal work – clasp and wire wrapping.





Turning the button into a focal was a bit challenging because I didn’t want to take away from the design on the button. I think the double wrap did the trick.



Hopefully I’ll be up and running in my new house by next month. Which means this will probably be my last post until June. We’ve done a ton of remodeling so I plan on posting some before and afters along with pics of my new studio set up.

Until then please visit my partner, Nicole, at Beading for Healing, along with the other BSBP sites and finally stop on over at our lovely hostess’ site to thank her for all of the hard work she’s put in to make this happen. Thank you, Lori!

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The 7th Bead Soup Blog Party ~ Second Reveal

Wow, what a night! It is currently 12:40am and I’m scrambling to get this post done. Anyone else have a problem with procrastination?

First off… Thank you Lori Anderson for all that you do!

My bead soup partner is Stephanie LaRosa. We coincidentally sent each other the same color palette to play with…oranges and greens! I posted what she sent me here.

I only ended up using one of the focals. (The other one has been giving me problems…and I have to rework it a bit before its ready for public display.) That being said ~ I made a necklace, bracelet and earrings out of the lovely summery beads. I’m thinking of calling this hot orange and jade green color combination “Heat Wave” because it reminds me of a relaxing on a fiery hot day with a Mai Tai in my hand.

The Necklace ~

I only used components from the soup sent to me. I knew right away that I wanted to make a two tiered necklace and include those lovely large faceted orange beads, the hibiscus focal and clasp. This was VERY out of my element…I’m used to working with a lot of wire and I strung this. Getting the strands to hang right was a challenge. I ended up re-stringing this at least 3 times. But in the end I’m very pleased with the result and it’s a vibrant pop of color against a neutral shirt.

The Bracelet and Earrings ~

I again used only the beads that I received. On the bracelet I knotted the beads on green waxed linen and used a macrame sliding knot to adjust the size. ~ This is the first time using both waxed linen and macrame. 🙂 
The earrings I kept very understated. I wanted them to have some movement but not be as bold as the necklace. So I fashioned some longer ear-wires out of sterling silver wire for a drop length and wire wrapped some of the funky round faceted green beads and dangled them off the end. I love these! They can be worn with an amazing amount of things.
To see what Stephanie created with the soup I sent her please visit her blog!
 Confessions of a Bead Hoarder

The rest of the participants are listed on Lori’s website.
7th Bead Soup Blog Hop

Well, it is now past 1:30am and my son usually wakes up by 7. I think I’m going to sign off and get some sleep! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s designs…but I’m going to force myself to wait until tomorrow to check them out…with a mug of coffee in my hand.
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and Good Night! 

Bead Soup Ingredients

What’s in the soup?
I received my soup in the mail from my partner, Stephanie LaRosa :)…somehow we <unintentionally> managed to send each other the same color palette! (We must both have warmer weather on our minds.) I’m looking forward to creating something out of the beads she sent, although it will be somewhat of a challenge for me because I predominantly work with wire and not by stringing. Thankfully I have until April 6th to finish my design(s).

soup mix from stephanie

~hibiscus pendant – handmade
  polymer clay from humble beads

~ceramic leaf pendant



~czech glass


~a fabulous flower clasp

…and here is what I sent her

soup mix from me for stephanie
(i wish i would have taken a better pic of this)
~flame-worked focal w/ off-center 
  hole & spacers ~ made by me
~antiqued copper clasp with extra
  jump rings~ made by me…
   inspired by deryn mentock
~faceted carnelian agates
~copper beads and charm
~misc czech glass

~a strand of orange nuggets…not
  sure what these are 😉

~white metallic leather cording

So, what do you think? Should be a good wake-up for the muses, right?!

Bead Soup

Yeah! Another Blog Hop!!! 

The Bead Soup Blog Hop is the brain-child of Lori Anderson @ Pretty Things. It’s a bead swap with posted on-line results. Lori is incredibly talented and hard-working. The amount of time and effort she puts into pairing everyone up and making sure this hop runs smoothly is nothing short of amazing! ~ Thank you, Lori!

I am paired up with Stephanie LaRosa @ Confessions of a Bead Hoarder.

Here is what I sent her:

my packaging

Ok, this is somewhat of a tease, I admit. But I’m not allowed to reveal anything until Stephanie receives it. 🙂